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I need a muffler for a LB 7268

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I have a LB 7268 and upon removing the muffler for checking it and then cleaning it I found numerous pin hole, so I believe I am in need of a new muffler. The part number is 681614 or 682878. If any one has one they can part with, I sure would like to purchase it.

Thanks Dick
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Hey, there, JRJ. You'll probably come across one here before the end of the day. Good Luck!
Not talking about the holes in bottom that are supposed to be there right?
You are correct, I can tell these are pin holes that are not suppose to be there.
I wouldn't replace the muffler because of some pin holes. Not saying you are wrong for wanting to. They won't hurt anything if they're just pin holes. When they get a big hole in them is when I'll replace them, they'll get full of grass and stuff.

I'm sure someone has one. I do see them on Ebay quite often as well.
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I have a good used muffler I'd sell you cheap. I'm not sure how much it would take to ship it to Texas, but I'd think 10 bucks shipped would be fair. PM me if interested.
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