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I Joined The Fimco Sprayer Club This Weekend,,,,

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There was a sale on chicken feed at TSC this weekend, so we stopped.

Near the entrance door was a GIANT beat-up box, sure enough it was a FIMCO on clearance.

I asked the price, then counter-offered $195, the guy said OK!! :fing32:

Amazingly, nothing was missing, the unit is really well engineered for easy assembly.

After an hour of tightening bolts,,, here it is,,,

The 10 foot wide spray pattern will be nice,, and no trailer, I was tired of pulling the trailer,,,

I already sprayed most everything with Roundup etc,,,
so the rig will probably stay "dry" until Spring,,,

I still have to figure out where I am gonna connect it,
the unit does come with a switch to turn off the pump.

Anyone have any hints on using it? :dunno:

TeeJet offers about a billion different nozzles,,,, maybe the air injection ones??
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You got it at a great price. I ran a power port to the right rear of my 2305 with toggle switch on the rear of the fender. slkpk
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