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I haven't been here since 2013?? New BH77

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I just noticed that I haven't logged in since 2013.

I thought I'd post that one month ago I had the dealership order a BH77 for me. It took 3 weeks for them to get everything in. Then I hauled the tractor over and they ended up short handed with mechanics out. The assembly mechanic stayed after hours this evening to get it mounted for me. Hopefully I can pick it up tomorrow. Then the fun starts. I already have 5 projects lined up.
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Welcome back! Enjoy your new toy. :wwp:
Well heck and darn (language adjusted in case there are children present). It took 3 weeks for all the parts to get delivered to the dealership after I placed the order. Then when I hauled the tractor over last Monday I was informed that the assembly mechanic was out sick and all the other mechanics were tied up. Yesterday (Friday), I talked to the salesman and he said the assembly mechanic was going to stay after hours to get my machine assembled. This morning I got a call around 10 AM that my tractor/backhoe was still not ready. I thought to myself, OK, no big deal, Monday isn't that far away. Then the salesman said he had bad news. The main mount beams for the backhoe that run from the FEL frame to the back of the tractor that are the 4 point mounts seem to be welded wrong. When the front bolts are in place securing the 4 point mount to the FEL frame, the cutout for the rear axle are perfectly aligned but the holes for securing the rear frame to the tractor are about 1/2 inch off. Now the dealership has to contact Kubota to find out what is wrong and new parts are going to have to be ordered. Hopefully that doesn't take another 3 weeks!
Can they just drill new holes? :dunno:
The holes would have to be egg shaped so not the strongest plus that would void the warranty so I would not like that. We'll just have to wait and see what the Kubota rep says. I used to be an iron worker with structural welding certification so I'm sure I could modify it but again, no warranty coverage. The dealership doesn't want to accept the liability anyway. As much as this thing costs, I want it right.
Good point! I guess you'll have to wait it out. Bummer.
I just bought a bh77 and new b3300su I have to wait until middle of October for it they are waiting for sub frame
Hope yours goes smoother than mine did. I do finally have it and have done LOTS of work with it. I also purchased a Bro-Tek ripper along with the trenching attachment. Been putting the ripper to good use taking down trees and removing stumps.
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