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I have to sell a 08 Legacy XL 4x4

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I have a 2008 Legacy XL 4x4 it has the kohler gas engine, about 100 hours on it. 54" deck and I also have a single stage snow thrower.

Everything is in perfect condition. We are moving and there isnt a need for it anymore.

Anyone have an idea what I should ask for it? And where I should advertise?

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You can try either Ebay or
Any idea what would be a fair price??
Any idea what would be a fair price??
This one is a 09. Maybe add $1000 for the blower, and another $1000 for 4X4?
I just purchased a 2008 XL 4x4 Deisel w/FEL and 60" MMM, and I got it for a steal at $8500 CAD. Sorry to here you have to sell it.
A local dealer has three new 2009 Legacy 4x4's with the Kohler air cooled and the 60" decks for $9995. One has 30 hours on it and two are in crates yet, but they all carry a new warranty.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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