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I have no money and this will go fast!

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Someone on this forum needs to go get this one, in Oregon again.
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WOW .. that is in great shape ..WELL worth the asking price

It would be mine if it weren't so far away

It sucks that you don't have $$$ .. Can't you sell some blood or something real quick ?? Maybe a spare Kidney ?? :banghead3
Ya, I probably could but there is a gent in western Washington who seems to have more time on his hands and is probably halfway there to pick it up already. It's a good 5-6 hours from me and won't last till the end of the day. How close are you Steevo?
Yep, me too - no extra Pin money until the yard sale - :(
I am in Central California, and my trailer is up in Idaho at this time.
Not to mention I am in the middle of building a new shop and have no room or money, but **** that is a sweet 1886, and I have the other implements to go with it, too.
I was out of town for work a couple of weeks - link shows "deleted" now - what was it?
I was out of town for work a couple of weeks - link shows "deleted" now - what was it?
A REAL nice 1886 ..
Just about the cleanest all original 1886 I have seen.
I tried to view it too... musta sold in no time. What was the asking price?
$1200 with a brinly 3 pt. plow and double disk, rototiller and 3 pt. setup. A local guy who just joined here got it the day it went up.
I hope he posts pictures...
Here are some pics of the tractor

The guy I bought it from got it at an estate sale for 600, I bought it for 1200. He thought it was original but it is an older restore\paint, the tank is painted and he missed some spots underneath. Supposedly, this has sat in a barn since 1986.

I am going to change all the fluids and then try to start it. I cranked it just to make sure it wasnt stuck.

It came with:

54" deck
40" tiller
3pt arms
a 3pt brinly 2 gang disk
a sleeve hitch brinly utility bar of some sort
a 3pt brinly spring harrow
a 3pt to sleeve brinly adapter
a brinly spreader
a utility cart


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Great buy .. :trink39: Looks to be in great shape :thThumbsU

In your 6th photo .. that flat plate is the top tin for the motor .. in case you did not know what it is..

Make sure you put it back before you run it too much .. its needed for proper cooling :trink40:
A very nice 1886-02. :thThumbsU

searstractor did you get my reply?
Hope this helps. :trink40:

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Jerome, thanks that is what I needed, my other 2 1886s dont have those panels.

I started it this evening and it started and sounds good, but when I press the pedal forward or back all I get is a shudder and a shake, no movement.

Im going to search the forum for some freewheel setting that may be on?

Hopefully its something like that..
I found the notes in the manual about the p-n-d release valve if your lift is functioning, which it is,so I will try that.

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