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I have a chance to pick up a cab, blower, weights and chains

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A guy 3.5 hrs from me has a cab, snowblower, weights, and chains for sale. His is a Sierra 1648H, I have a Grand Sierra 2200. I would really like the soft cab for my Grand Sierra. Does anybody know if it will fit? I can't seem to find much on the Sierra 1648H. The price is right, but it's a long drive if the stuff isn't compatible with my machine. I already have a blower, weights and chains, so the real draw is the cab.


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You could probably make the cab work but the 1648 is a vertical shaft engine lawn tractor with a 36" belt drive blower and 8"x 20 rear tires so about all you'd get from it that would be useful on your tractor would be the cab and it's probably not exactly plug and play.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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