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I have a chance to pick up a cab, blower, weights and chains

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A guy 3.5 hrs from me has a cab, snowblower, weights, and chains for sale. His is a Sierra 1648H, I have a Grand Sierra 2200. I would really like the soft cab for my Grand Sierra. Does anybody know if it will fit? I can't seem to find much on the Sierra 1648H. The price is right, but it's a long drive if the stuff isn't compatible with my machine. I already have a blower, weights and chains, so the real draw is the cab.


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I have to agree with rneal55555. Two different tractors other than name. Search the threads I have posted the cab information for the GTs before. Should be the same for your Grand Sierra or real close. If you can not find them send me a pm.
See the Ariens GT soft cab on page 5 should have everything needed to make a decision. But I would request more pictures of that cab before driving 3.5 hours.
Looks like some tucks here and there. Hopefully the doors open from the front. How are the hard mounts looking?
Does the cab have an Ariens part number? Any upholstery shop would be able to make the modes to the canvas once the frame work is gone. We have a canvas shop close by. If you can find one it may also be worth a try.

Myself I have an old Singer machine that gets used for upholstery. The metal should not be hard to reshape.
I seen to be living in the wrong neck of the woods. I have more Ariens garden tractors in my back yard than I have seen any where. Including my local dealer that keeps telling me that they are out there some where.
1 - 5 of 14 Posts
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