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I got this Roof Ranger Rider home today. 3 wheels.

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Its a rear engined rider. There were actually 2 there but the other one sold for the big bucks ($80, got this one for $40). This one was in a little better shape aside from the stuck engine and slightly bent rear wheel. It is also 2" narrower cut. (24" vs. 26") I already have a line on a pair of rear tires. I have an engine or 2 that will fit. The deck is solid unlike the 26" one. I think I can straighten the wheel.

The tubes are holding air, but I wouldn't think of putting air in that splitting down the middle right tire. It has a draw bar tab for a trailer. I'm thinking a pair of 20" bike tires to match the mowers rears on that old unidentifiable trailer I have with the wooden tailgate. That should make a cool auction parts hauler. (Plus I could get it through the gate to mow the dogpen)
Took me awhile to conclude there is no height adjustment. I would have liked to have his/hers, but $40 is easier for my wife to swallow than $130+ for both.


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What about the front wheel- doesn't it move up and down? I've only ever seen two of these, and thought they looked really neat. Good find!
I did notice a couple of cotter keys in pins in the front and wondered what they were doing. That is probably where you adjust the height. Been to busy to even look it over well. They announced when they sold it that the engine was frozen. It actually wasn't, the magnet has some rust on it. Pull rope was out anyway.
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Cool!!! I bet it is horrible in soft ground with those skinny tires
Wow, metal all looks to be in really good condition, nice find!
wow thats a cool mower. never seen one
now there's something i aint neer seen before:)

nice find keep us up to date with repairs/restoration please:thThumbsU
They made a lot of mowers for mowing between Christmas trees...
Nice mower and great deal.

I just got a free one given to me by a neighbor,it's a 1972 and I'm just starting to get into it to see what it might need to run again, lots of rust and I can't get it to free wheel even in neutral ?? Does anybody have any reprints or downloadable manuals on the old thing ??
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