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I got another Lawn Boy, looks like the addiction is back!

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1976 5274, nice original shape. Runs well. Came with bagger, chute, mulch plate, side discharge plate, original owners manual, and some other cool literature. It looks to be very well taken care of over the years. Nice decals.
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Hi! Very nice and appears to be in great shape. I have one of the 5274's as well. It has the original deck which belonged to my folks and a correct replacement D engine. I think mine has a replacement shroud as it does not have the 19" on the sides and I believe that's the way the replacements came so the factory wouldn't have to provide two different replacement parts for the 19" and the 21". I have been using it's big brother, the 7265, as one of my daily drivers this season and really like how smooth it runs. Gotta love those dinner plate mufflers as well. Bill
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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