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I found another MF14

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I had a ad on Craigslist for a little 1982 Case 110 lawn tractor with a 36 deck. This guy calls me and asks me if I wanted to trade it for a Massey with a bad motor. I said sure, what model was it, he said it was a MF1450. So I figure I have a good 14 hp Kohler from the other MF14 I picked up a couple of weeks ago, so I said sure. I loaded up the case and drove to Cleveland Oklahoma about 40 miles away. I get there and it's a MF14, It's in parts but all the sheet metal is in great shape no dents no rust, factory installed lights and cigar lighter. The guy has all the manuals a set of wheel bearing seals, and a CD with PDF files of service manuals, he also gave me a little 3 point disk from Brinley. The motor was complete with the crankshaft out, and I could see the rod broke right at the bearing. The motor had less than 3 month on a full rebuild, so the guy did something wrong or he had a bad part. Now I have 3 MF14's, two of which I can use to build one to show quality and still have a parts tractor, and one I can use on the farm. Pictures soon. Oh BTW the serial number is 1944002085, looks like a mid to early first year 1972. Mike
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You are scoring left and right. Great find. You need to spend some time working on the tractors instead of buying them now. I'm getting jealous LOL.

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They don't look that great, but there complete, one has excellent sheet metal, one great deck, two good engines. I've got a little over a 100 bucks in both including gas money to get them


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Pretty good deal! And I'm glad these old Masseys will be restored to working condition.
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