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I found an F.E.L.!!!

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Today I went with my cousin to look at a parts truck. When we arrived at the guys house, we turned into the driveway to see the old Dodge with a blue tarp surprise sitting next to it! The old fel was sticking out from the tarp. I went over to find it was a JD (I know) hydro w/ 14-16? hp Kohler shaft drive tractor.

I got to talking to the guy about it.He said he used it all the time until the steering let go. He said a pin possibly broke or something came loose. I looked it over and it looked ok for sitting for a few yrs. The loader was a bit rusty, but not too bad, JD was not in bad shape either. It had a couple flat tires and a piece of plywood in place of the seat. It is definitely a great find for the low price of $400 complete!!:thThumbsU I wish I had my camera with me to take some pics so I could show off my find. I told the guy that when I get the money up I will come take it off his hands. He told me it wasn't going anywhere anytime soon. I was thinking about seeing if he would do payments as I am laid off right now which stinks. But hopefully will soon be back to work.

Hopefully I will have a JD fel in my collection soon!!!:praying:
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Great find. So ahh, ahem, what did you say the address was where it's at? :D

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