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I finally have a GT

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I picked this unit up the other day but I'm not certain what it is. I've read different names for machines looking similar to it and so far haven't found a definite answer. The model number is 917.258904.

I got it running fairly well and installed a trailer ball so I can tow my little cart behind it.

It has a 22 hp Kohler Command and 50 in deck

I'm going to have to enlarge my yard if I keep this beast around and use it to mow. But I like it so far.
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Congratulations on the new tractor JD. :thThumbsU
According to the sears website, it just says Craftsman Tractor
Sears parts direct
it's a stout machine
What does the manual call it? If you don't have it, plug the model number in at the Manuals page on
BTW, the Kohler appears to be missing the screen over the flywheel. I would get the numbers from the engine and try to find owners and service manuals for that too.
Good luck!
GT6000 is my guess
I haven't been able to find a manual for it yet. The screen on the engine and the headlight lens ar missing. I may have a screen for it in my storage building but I'm sure I'll have to buy the lens. It's funny that this has more hp than my Farmall.
917.258914 has exactly the same engine (spec # etc.) but is a hydro.
I'm not seeing an online tractor manual, either. :(

You can buy a hard copy from Sears Parts Direct:

Hopefully, the engine manuals will be easier to come by.

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Thanks guys!! I'll check out the engine numbers soon.
Nice looking tractor you got there.
Nice GT you got there!I have the hydostatic version of it.It's a GT6000 to the best of my knowledge.
That's essentially a GT-6000 between 1996-98. Don't know why they do that. Some of us like to have a "handle" on our tractors. :howdy:
In using what I've learned here, it looks like it was built on this date in 1998. Not as old as I was hoping. But I'll keep it around. I wonder why they didn't label them. My 2000 LT1000 has stickers on it letting everyone know what it is. :dunno:
I guess they only offered two versions for those years on the GT's.
I haven't been on here much lately. But I have been busy with several projects. My kids each helped with this one at various stages when they had time. I still have a few things to do to it but here it is so far:

A face only a mother could love!

Night shot. I really like the new lights!!

I still need to refurbish the deck and do some odds and ends on the tractor. But I'm happy with the work so far.
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I never liked the stock lights on those newer GT6000's. Those fog lights are a very creative soloution!
Those front wheels are really cool, where did you pick them up at or get them?
I wanted to do something with the them since the bezel was missing and I had those lights laying on a shelf. Man what a difference they made!!

I was going to paint the centers on the wheels red to match the back. My wife suggested leaving them silver. I did and put one on the tractor for a few days to see how I liked it. Not satisfied with it, I painted spokes on the other wheel. I didn't even put it on to see how it would look before she walked by and told me she thought the spokes would be the way to go.
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Nice tractor! Did you tie into the DC side for powering the lights or just run 'em on the existing AC?

I'd like to find one of the those decks with the front wheels vs just the skids on mine.
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