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I don't see one in the schematics, but...

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I have the 917.25961 SS/18 Twin tractor.

I don't have the correct manual, but I do have one for each of the 25960 and 25191 tractors that are extremely close. I cannot find a safety switch on either schematic that operates with the parking brake, but I suspect mine may have one.

I have been using a pliers to jump the solenoid on this tractor since last winter when the key switch stopped working on me. I checked the two switches I found, and both of them operate perfectly.

Now yesterday, when I went to get an old A/C unit out of my son's garden shed, I decided to let the tractor do all the work and hooked up the yard trailer to it. Jumped on the tractor, hit the switch, and VIOLA! It started with the key!

The only difference I could see was that I had the parking brake set while I hooked up the little trailer. I rarely use the parking brake, because I always try to drive off with it still set.

Are these tractors commonly equipped with a safety switch on the parking brake?
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Bill, I just came in from outside, and pushing the brake/clutch in won't allow the tractor to start without the parking brake, but engaging the parking brake does. Could it be some adjustment issue with the pedal vs the parking brake?
OK I've been looking at how to adjust the clutch/brake lever... however I am still puzzled. When I depress that pedal the switch is let loose, and thus closes the circuit to start the tractor. Nothing I can see to indicate that the parking brake has a switch, or is moving the brake/clutch pedal rod even a little bit when I set it. (spent some time looking under it earlier)

So I am still very baffled as to how setting the parking brake on this tractor allows it to start with the key, but not setting it prevents is from starting with the key.

Color me confused.

Don't get me wrong, I like that it works now, but already I've tried to drive away with the parking brake on, just since yesterday.

I did check the switches under the tractor with my test meter, and they both seem to work fine, unless they are dirty inside and work intermittently. Yesterday with the help of my daughter, I had her try to start it while I looked at the linkages and the switches. Nothing worked, until I had her set the parking brake and try again. She held the pedal for the brake down the whole time, so nothing changed but the parking brake. :dunno:

While I'm still confused, I am just going to call it "grandad's personality" and start it each time with the parking brake set. (The tractor is named "Grandad" as a nod to my recently departed father, who bought it new)

The reality is use what works. If the parking brake allows it to start, then use it. (Try to remember to release it after starting.)
:duh: I'm supposed to release it? Yeah I'm good at forgetting!

I have a "new" SS-18 also. I'll try to post a pic soon.
Can't wait to see it :)
I have the same mower. The only safety switch that I know of is on the engagement for the mower. Does your's have a petal or a handle to engage the mower?
My switch has been take off before I got it.
Mine has the handle to engage the PTO, and a pedal on the brake/clutch. Both of those have a safety switch on them, and they both work. I can't find any more though, and I have looked everywhere Roper or Sears may have hidden one.
If I remember, the wiring diagram on your SS18 shows a couple of safety switches. They are the same type of switch.
Yes, they are both on the clutch/brake and on the PTO lever on this one.
Well here it is.

It is NOT running. Engine won't turn all the way over by hand. (I think it might have a broken rod?) It does have a hood, but it was loose (broken hinge) so I don't have it place right now.

Maybe it overheated from the LIGHT coating off dust.

I'm in the middle of swapping the b48M onan engine from my GT-18 hydro to this frame. I'll post some pictures in my other thread as I progress.

It always good to know you're not the only one who wants to keep a 30-40 year old tractor going.
You have a lot to work with, I have faith that you'll get it all repaired, running, and pretty again.

Mine is 37 years old, and I enjoy the heck out of it. I think they are well worth saving, and really fun to operate. (and they are made of metal and not plastic, I like that too!) :fing32:

A plus for me is, my Dad NEVER let me drive it one time in all the years he had it, and now it's MINE :) WoooHahahahaha (evil laugh)
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