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Saw this Mighty Mac tiller on the local Craigs List and I figured I could not go wrong.

Talked to the guy on the phone and he said it lost spark after sitting since last fall. Original engine was an 8 hp Briggs. He had replaced it with one out of a tractor. ( may also be an 8hp Briggs, I forgot to ask) . Hope he has the original engine and will throw it in.

Going to pick it up on Monday afternoon for $30.00 . I have a Briggs 190402 engine, with under 4 hours of original running time on it. Should be a good match, if I need it. If all goes well, I will retire my model 3, 1954 Rotoette.



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For $30 I would have grabbed it too! The tires are worth that.

Kinda hard to tell, but it looks like it's in good condition and I'm sure you'll get it running.

Great grab! :fing32:
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