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I can't believe it

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I would shop around--a lot!! at that price!!!
(Maybe they have high overhead)


I think it is a typo. If you check the last one that he sold in October, it was $80.00 . I sent him an email about the price. His listing fee must have been a bit high.

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I sure hope it is a typo. But how about this one.

I got a Gravely 814 today that was on the way to the scrap yard because it needed a starter the PO didn't want to pay the price for a new one. He must have been shopping from these sellers and gave up. Now I'm looking for one but don't want to pay that price either.
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for those prices I think I would repower with something newer
I needed a starter for my Cub 17 HP Kohler Mag and they where around $150 to $175 so I started searching for a starter for the engine rather than the Cub Model and found a starter for a John Deere, same engine for around $80
800 is a Typo...haha

But 150-200 is the norm...they rarely fail so badly that they require complete replacement, so when they do fail...they cost a little. Even a dinky Briggs starter is over a buck...
I asked. He has none in stock .It's easier to change to a ridiculous price so no one buys it than to delete the item and re-enter when he gets stock I assume.
But if someone bought it...Ill bet he could come up with one..hahaha, I know I could.
Inflation adjusted....
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1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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