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I bought an Ariens GT20 with a 60" mower and a 48" snow thrower for...

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$600.00.... What a steel.

That's why I'm here. I had a guy plowing my driveway. 2 January's ago I paid over $200.00 just for that month. I bought a snow blower that was to small the first year. The second year I bought an Ariens 824 but that still didn't have what I needed. I'm a tinkerer and needed to build a small cargo trailer. A friend of mine named Bob said he had an axle, wheels and springs but we had to go to a buddy's place to get it. We went and got the axle and stuff and was getting ready to leave when something came up that redirected us to his garage.

In the garage was a huge mess. Clutter and junk everywhere. After a few minutes I noticed a huge snow thrower poking out. Then I saw headlights. In talking with the owner I realized what it was. A 1987 Ariens GT20 with a 60" mowing deck and a 48" 2 stage snowblower. He said he had had it for around 10 years and hadn't run it in over 6... I asked him what he wanted for is and he said with no hesitation, $600.00... I didn't have the money at the time and it was in the spring so I didn't need the snowblower right off and I had a 42" hydro mower that worked fine. Plus I didn't really realize the full magnitude of that machine quite just yet.

A few months later I ran into the Ariens owner at Bob's summer camp and asked if he still had the Ariens. He replied yes. I told him I had a car I was fixing up to sell and when I sold it I was going to look him up and buy that Ariens. A week later, I sold the car and called that Ariens owner.

It took myself, the owner and a friend of mine an hour and a half to dig this GT20 and all of the stuff with it, out and loaded on a trailer. I paid him and we where on our way. I live 100 miles away from where I bought this Ariens. I hadn't even heard it run. I knew I could sell it for much more even if the motor was junk. I did check to see if it was stuck. We got 4 miles away. Not even out of the town the Ariens came from and "pop"... Trailer tire blowout... I thought this was a sign that this thing was going to be a problem child...

Our spare didn't fit. What a fiasco... It took us two hours to straiten out our dilemma. Finally I had to buy a new rim and tire at VIP and we where on our way...

The machine had been well taken care of by the original owner. Turns out the original owner was some sort of land trust association and this unit was serviced by the book. I could see small repairs to the mowing deck and the attachments had been repainted regularly. Well, I went out the next day, but a new battery in, threw some gas down the carb, hit the key and roar. What a monster. I cleaned out the gas tank, put some fuel in and primed the fuel line. Dumped a little more gas in the carb and give it a crank... Oh yeah, this was all after I cleaned the squirrels nest out of the shroud and cooling fins.

The GT20 started right up. Spitting and a sputtering, clanking and a cluttering. About 2 minutes later it smoothed out and ran like a dream. In fact, it ran so good that I decided to drive it a half a mile away to a friends house... Come to find out, that guy could have probably got $1500.00 for it as it was and is worth at least $2500.00 now. With a little paint and TLC, it will once again shine like the gem that she is... I'm so happy with it. I've yet to blow with it but I have mowed with it. I thought it would be to big for my lawn but I love it. No need to overlap the rows as you can clearly see where the last row ended. With my 42" hydro, it took me around 50 minute to mow my lawn. With this unit it only takes me 20 minutes. What a sweet little garden tractor. And it feels like a big tractor as it has hydraulic power steering...
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Glad you joined!
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Oh yeah, I'm new to this forum and I love it. It has lots of GT owners on here and that's what I got. A GT20... So hello everyone... Dwaino


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Great tractor, great story, and welcome!
Thanks... Nice Gravely... Is that a before and after?
dwaino said:
Thanks... Nice Gravely... Is that a before and after?
Thanks, that's actually a bit of history, from L-R is:

-My grandfather on his 424 in 1970
-My dad on the 424, blowing snow in MA in the Blizzard of '78
-My 816 I just bought in August
-The last two are of my 18G that I bought last year

You can click on the links in my sig to be taken to the write-ups on each tractor...
I have an assortment of GT and S model Ariens and they are great tractors cleared a couple big snows last year with my GT 18 and snowblower really worked good.Going to put the blower on my Grand Sierra (22HP) this year.Hope your price estimates are correct if so I'm RICH (LOL).
Nice find, $600 is only 3 months worth of paying for plowing. Good luck with it. I bet you are actually looking forward to snow this year! Ed
Nice find, $600 is only 3 months worth of paying for plowing. Good luck with it. I bet you are actually looking forward to snow this year! Ed
Thanks! I sold my Ariens 824 snow blower for $250 and the hydro 42" MTD mower for $275... Don't need them anymore. So basically if one considers the $50 I paid my friend for towing, the $50 for gas and the $75 for the new wheel I had to buy for the trailer we hauled it on, I paid $250 to upgrade to the GT20 from an older kinda beat mtd and Ariens snowblower... I'm still kinda smitten about it... This GT20 is overall in great condition... I'll tinker this thing til' it gleams... And yes, I can't wait for the snow. Guess I'll have to settle for a quik mow...
Look's nice, your going to like blowing snow with it to..
Greetings from Southern Md & welcome . Very nice machine .....if you ever get tired of it let me know . Mike
:MTF_wel2: Very nice looking machine! Great buy even BEFORE you sold the mower and blower.
Everytime I see picture of a big old Ariens GT, it makes me want to find one myself.
Just don't tell anybody that you're looking forward to snow outside of this forum. They won't understand. :)
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