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Hydro up and down?

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New to the forum. Just got a Simplicity riding lawn mower and loving it but it has one feature that I'm struggling with
I have a Simplicity Landlord 3017 18 V- twin that I got from my Brother when he died. It doesn't have a manual. I have pretty much figured everything out except for there is a button for raining and lowering something. Can somebody help on what that may be? when I try it, it wants to kill the engine.

Help will be much appreciated
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can you see anything moving when you hit the switch ?
does it have an electric lift on the rear ? sounds like something is bound or froze up.
Can't see anything move when I hit the switch, just know that its dragging down on the engine when I press the button. I think what ever it is that it is frozen like you say. It did come with a snowblower also which is not on the tractor at this time.
well, something is trying to engage but isnt being allowed. us knowing the type of button/switch would help to.
maybe another set of eyes would help figure it out.
or get a flashlight and start following wires.
What is a Simplicity 3017? and you say it is a "button" you push to raise and lower something and it trys to kill the engine when it is pressed. Is that a button, switch or lever you are "pushing". Do you have any pictures? If is is a hydraulic lift it could be frozen up and bogging the engine. if it is an electric lift it could have an electrical short that is zapping all your amperage if your tractor has battery ignition. I have never heard of a lift on a simplicity operated by a "button" unless it is some aftermarket attachment.

does your tractor look something like the one below. That is a 3012v and the only button on it is the starter button which is to the right of the dash and below the steering column. If your tractor has been repowered it could be that the button is the old abandoned starter button. Another thought ...does your snow blower have an electric spout rotator?


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I was on a hunting trip and just got back. I was able to track down the electric lift on the mower. It works fine lifting the deck up but when dropping it down, it kicks out and stops. I pulled the top cover off and pulled off the gear on the motor and the motor turns the either way with kicking out. SO the motor seems fine. I notice the the drive side going to the piston was pretty lose on the gear. I looked up the price for replacement parts and wow. So I want to get it right in what I do or order. Thanks for the help so far

Everything is fine now. Discovered that the mower deck was hung up so wouldn't go down. Once I fixed that it is going up and down great

Thanks for all the input.
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