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Hydro slipping on hills - Landlord

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My mid 90's Landlord Hydrostatic - 18 hp BS VG just today starting slipping going up a hills. It gets up the hill but not as it should. I mowed with it yesterday and had all kinds of take-off. I checked the hydro release on the back of the tractor to see if it got pulled out and it is in the correct position.

reverse seems to work fine with no slipping.

Where do I start?

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Yup..look closely at the belt, pulleys, linkages etc.. Are you pulling heavy loads? Your landlord should have a seperate pump/transaxle assy unlike the broadmoors. If you would have told me you had a broadmoor I would have said its time for tranny service.

FWIW, you supposed to change the fluid and filter every 250 hours.

Dont feel bad, my 1996 had 800 hrs on it before i changed it.! SHAME ON ME!

Let us know....If it is hydro related I can get deeoper into it with you.
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