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Hydro gear transaxle stuck

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Just picked up a JD Z225 , the right side transaxle is stuck, checked the brake and it’s not that. Thinking of rebuilding, they have videos but not sure what I’m looking for. I searched for the models number to buy used and there are a ton of them, I can’t even find mine new ! I’m looking for some help or advice . The mower was gifted to me and I got in running. Right now the transaxle is off the mower and on my bench
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eBay will help you out or guys here have parts to.
Chef Tim,
Did you ever get that trans going? Hydro Gear's web site has tons of PDF manuals for their models. I have a couple of ZT2800's in my CC Ultima. While the ZT2800 trans are all about the same, there are dozens of variations in them based upon the serial number of the trans. There should be a more or less permanent sticker on it with the model number string and the individual serial number. With those you can find the exact PDF manual for that trans.
Thank you for your response. Upon closer inspection it ended up being the brake froze up on it. Fixed and sold . Thanks again
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