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hydraulic ?

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hi, i have a 24/14 pk with hydraulic 3 point.. is there a way to tap into the hydraulic system and put in another valve to operate another hyd. cylinder.

i have the makings of a rear scoop and wanted to add a cylinder to dump it.. also i have a borg/warner pump can i add that on..

thanks in advance for all answers,, c. falcon
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Ya all you would have to do is disconnect the return line coming out of the valve and add a short hose to the second valve and then connect the return line to the second valve. As for the lines coming out of the second valve you will have to use quick connects so you can disconnect the scoop. Here is a link to the hydraulic connecters. As for the pump if there isnt anything wrong with the one on the tractor now you dont need to worry about it. Another option is to simply replace the original valve with a double spool valve.
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thanks country boy, i may have to get back with you in a couple of weeks when i get everything welded up.. c falcon
Y'all talkin hydraulis,,, I need a control valve like the one in the pic, or a work around. Mine is cracked and can't stop it from leaking.


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