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hydraulic valve sticking?

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On an H14 1456, can you move the hydraulic valve when the power is off?
The value looks rusty on the plunger, and I cannot budge it.

This probably sounds like a silly question, but I'm new to all these items and I'm trying to get it all running without snapping off bits and pieces.

If it is supposed to move, I'll get a replacement:thanku:
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Thanks, that helps. :trink40:
I'll get another. These things are surprisingly easy to work on and the parts are not too rare.
If it uses the same valve as a 1256 I have one I'd sell you. I am currently parting this out if anyone needs parts.
Justin, I appreciate that. I snagged a valve before I read your post or I'd have gotten it from you. :banghead3

I'll bookmark this post because as I restore the tractor I might need more stuff.

If you or anyone has decent 8 inch front rims with tires, please PM me. Mine have a lot of surface rust and one tire is just shot. Depending on the price and shipping, it might be more worthwhile to get decent-looking used than rework them and new tires.

And, if someone has front knobbies or treads for snow, that would be most excellent.:thanku:

1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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