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Hydraulic snowcaster

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Howdy guys. (more specifically all the hydro gurus out there) :howdy:

It is getting near the end of summer, and I am re-visitting a idea of mine.

As most of you know, I have mounted my snowcaster on the back of my tractor and i have been driving the unit with a B&S 11 HP. This concept works very good. But.

I was always planning to put a Hydraulic motor on this snowcaster at some point. (This point and time is now)

So this brings me to this question. (and this is where I wish i had the help of some ""very knowledgeable hydraulic guys"")

If I were to use a .58 Cu. In. Gerotor motor to turn the jackshaft on my snowcaster at its top rated speed of 5000 rpm at 15 GPM, would this give me enough torque to "compare to" a 11 HP B&S engine?

Here is a link of the specs on the motor in question?

What do you guys think?

How many GPM does my 224 deliver? and if less than 15 will this reduce the torque in question of 184 In. Lb.

:eek:mg: Here I am again, asking more questions than i can handle. :fing32:

Thanks again for any help fellas, I appreciate all inputs.

BTW, My 224 is going on its, 4th year with the loader and 2nd year with the blower on the back and all is well with the frame. No evidence of stress on the frame. (I do believe the 200 series are strudier frames) :dunno:

Anyways, what say you, does 184 In. Lb. of torque compare to a 11 B&S turning at 3600 RPM?


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Did you tell your hydro guy that your Case uses series type circuit and the drive motor is plumbed after this motor. You should have a drain line.
That motor is light duty; unfortunately PAL doesn't offer a suitable motor. Here's one that would work It should work using the chain with a sprocket on the motor. No need for extra belting.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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