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Hydraulic pump questions

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Hello all,
I have a hydraulic pump that is perfect for a fel project I am doing except it turns the wrong way. I took it apart and it seems like I can flip everything around . It has front and back plates, a center housing and a center gear cluster If I flip the center housing and gear cluster around will it pump? I am no hydraulic expert . :dunno:
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Greetings Tom . Can't answer your question about the pump you have but have you considered trying to find a way to mount it to the front of the tractor with the shaft side to the engine ? I'm in the middle of a project adapting a snow plow to one of my tractors and I'm using a saginaw reverse rotation p/s pump and it will be mounted on the front of the tractor and it will be driven directly off the front pto shaft .

Mike ,
That is option two. I would really like to mount this pump directly off the front shaft with a lovejoy coupler . To do this I need to turn CW . If I cant I will mount it oppisite the starter/ gen and run a belt. Are you using your pump to turn your blade ?
Yes I am . Here's a pic to give you a idea how I'm doing it ..


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