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Hydraulic Parts, Tractor Supply or Local Hydraulic Shop

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The power beyond line on my FEL needs to be replaced and I need to add a quick connect coupling to it.

Additionally, the linkage in my valve body is crap and has been jerry rigged by a previous owner, so I am looking to plan a replacement of it soon and relocate it like a fender mount similar to newer tractors. I may have to extend line to do this.

From what I see, TSC has about everything I would need, even though I don't have a specific parts list identified yet. Or do you think I would be better served going to a local hydraulic shop?
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TSC is great but sometimes when you are creating something new, your local hyd shop guys have a better selection of special ittings that can save you stacking 2 or 3 regular fittings to get what you want in a tidier manner. This may also reduce the number of restrictions in the line. If they are on your way, it may be worth stopping in and saying "I want to start here with this and end up there with that". It's what they do everyday and know best.
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If you know what you're doing and what parts you need, TSC.

If you have questions, the higher price at the hydraulics shop is well worth the knowledge and better selection that are available.

I have both within a half mile of each other. Ninety percent of the time, the Parker Store is my first stop for hydraulics. The local TSC has a very limited selection of the most common fittings.
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