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Hydraulic lever

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I just got in from snow blowing and right before I finished the hydraulic lever that controls the lift (lower lever) of the snowblower "disconnected" for the lack of a better word. There isn't any resistance with the lever, it just flops around. Has anyone run into this and if so, is it relatively easy to fix? This is on my X748. Thanks.
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I just looked (should have done it earlier) down by the hydraulic valves and one of the links broke. Have to go buy the part.
Can you take a picture for us?
Here you go. This is part "J" in the parts diagram. You can see the broken one (pin broke that was pressed into the arm) with only one pin there. There should be a pressed pin on both ends. There are two of these assemblies located where the pressure lines connect. The last picture shows one in place. The upper one is the broken one.


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Thanks for sharing.
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