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Hydraulic issue on NH TC30 2002 model

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I was gifted a tractor that had been sitting for years, got it running and took it home. The 3 point works just fine but the front end loader doesn't. I've read through the forum and tried a little bit of everything. Quick connect hoses have been cleaned and securely in place, new filter and fluid. I've cleaned valves in the back of the joystick box and the distribution block coming out of the hydraulic pump. I've rebuilt all 4 pistons and replaced majority of the hoses.
The only time I can get the front end loader to move is if I'm moving the joystick at the same time as I move the 3 pt up and down. When the 3pt moves into the middle area is when I get action on the front end loader. It was doing this before and after I've cleaned and rebuilt.

Anybody know if there is a primary valve somewhere? or have any other ideas for me to check?
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My dad has a 2003 TC29. When I get a chance, I'll have a look at the hydraulic routings. What you are describing seems very strange as if the hydraulics for the front implements somehow are routed through the valves for the 3pt. They should be independent. I assume you checked that aspect already.

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