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Hydraulic hoses

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All of my hoses are dry rotted on my 1614, so I am looking to replace them.

Where do you guys find replacement hydraulic hoses or do you make your own?

Would any big box supplier carring hoses that could fit??

Thanks in advance.
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I run them until they pop... A dry rotted hose could last another 10 years... Unless it's a safety issue...
I am a heavy equipment mechanic and specialize in hydraulic repair. I get all my hoses made at hydraulic specialty shops in Baton Rouge. Most heavy equipment dealers should be able to make new hoses, but I'd look in your phone book for "Hydraulic hoses and fittings".
The local NAPA store makes them here. I've not had to replace one so I can't tell you if they are reasonable or not but, if you have a NAPA nearby, you may want to check them out. Also, any Tractor Supply or Rural King should either carry or make them.
The outer covering may be dry rotted, but all it does is look pretty and protect the steel braiding underneath, that does the real work, from abrasion. Hydraulic repair shops are your best bet for replacement. Take your old hose with you so they can match fittings. You won't believe the number of different hose ends available for each size hose.

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Some was good advice, some was silly. But thanks for the suggestions, I need hoses for a Kelly, front end loader. I got it used, on a used tractor. poped a hose withing 4 hours of first use. haha
motion industries , or a Parker store will make up anything you might need there cjl.
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