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Hydraulic drive for PK

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Is it possible? I have been reading a lot about FEL while I am waiting for spring and my own FEL project. Has anyone made a hydraulic drive PK? Could the clutch, front transmission and coupler be removed and replaced by a hydraulic pump in place of the clutch and then a hydraulic motor attached to the rear transmission? The extra capcaity of the FEL system would aid in this design but might need some extra cooling. Ideally a foot peddle similar to those used on hydrostatic drive tractors in place of the clutch would make a FEL tractor much more user friendly. What do you think?

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My Case trencher/tractor project is hyd driven, it has it's advantages and disadvantages. I would say it's like having a lawn tractor with the hydrostatic drive only a little slower.
Here's my build

I'm just using the original set up, it's basically just a rod with a cable attached on the end that I move forward or back and farther it goes in either direction the faster. The other end of the cable goes to the drive pump and it has a arm on the side that the cable attaches to and it moves the arm up and down for the forward and reverse.

I could probably get you some pictures if you wanted of the drive pump and control rod.
No on this the pump and control is all in 1, i'll get you some pictures maybe this afternoon or first thing in the morning.
This picture is the control arm in the cab

The drive motor hydraulic pump, the orange arm on the front is the forward and reverse arm.

This is the control cable that's attached to the arm.

The small pump on the end of the drive motor hyd pump is for the hyd cylinders.
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1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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