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Hydraulic drive for PK

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Is it possible? I have been reading a lot about FEL while I am waiting for spring and my own FEL project. Has anyone made a hydraulic drive PK? Could the clutch, front transmission and coupler be removed and replaced by a hydraulic pump in place of the clutch and then a hydraulic motor attached to the rear transmission? The extra capcaity of the FEL system would aid in this design but might need some extra cooling. Ideally a foot peddle similar to those used on hydrostatic drive tractors in place of the clutch would make a FEL tractor much more user friendly. What do you think?

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Hi Havenfun for what you want you need to go to the new Power Kings (often referred to as Plastic Kings) a 1620 hydro is a nice tractor or the new UT602 series
What your thinking of has been discussed many time and I've never seen anything done or completed

View attachment 1600 Series.pdf

View attachment The performance heavyweight.pdf
Thanks GB. I have read that the Plastic Kings had unreliable hydra units. That is why I went with an older gear driven PK.

Hi Terry someone gave you bad information the Plastic Kings have a bullet proof hydro it was the clutch in the 4 speed manual transmissions that had problems, the latest model clutch is better and if the snubber brake is installed are better.
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