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Hydraulic drive for PK

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Is it possible? I have been reading a lot about FEL while I am waiting for spring and my own FEL project. Has anyone made a hydraulic drive PK? Could the clutch, front transmission and coupler be removed and replaced by a hydraulic pump in place of the clutch and then a hydraulic motor attached to the rear transmission? The extra capcaity of the FEL system would aid in this design but might need some extra cooling. Ideally a foot peddle similar to those used on hydrostatic drive tractors in place of the clutch would make a FEL tractor much more user friendly. What do you think?

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I converted a Sear's tractor to hydraulic 30yrs ago; it still works fine. I kept the transmission in place, just added a pump and motor in place of clutch. I came across two hydraulic gear motors (high speed), the same size, so I used one as a pump and one as a motor. Since they were the same size, the motor output speed was the same as the pump's input speed. I used the same pulleys (belt drive) as the original setup. You want about 0.8 to 1.2 cu. in.; depends on what motor you find.
Then what you want to do is find a priority flow control (divider) and tap off some oil for your FEL. When your using the FEL the tractor will go slower, so you just use a higher gear. Your not gonna be using high travel speed for loader work anyhow. When you bypass the loader you have practically same speed as you did before conversion.
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