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Hydraulic Cylinder Replacement

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Last week when using the 3-point lift, I experienced a catastrophic failure of the hydraulic lift cylinder. The threaded end that attaches to the clevis end broke off.

It's MTD P/N 727-0159 (990A) or 727-159 (990). As this is no longer available from MTD, does anyone know of a suitable replacement?

I did a search for 1-1/2" bore, 4" stroke, 5/8" rod and found nothing. If nothing else, I'm going to attempt to bore out the rod and insert another threaded piece.

Any other solutions? BTW - how does this come apart to change the o-rings?

Thanks, Rich
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Common failure. The way it is designed is why it fails. The clevis is bolted to the lift arm assemble in a ridiculous way. Causes the clevis force to bend and break the shaft at the threads. Many owners try to weld the clevis on but it usually fails soon again.

Unscrew the shaft end fitting from the body. The piston and shaft will pull out from the body. Beware of squirting fluid.
Pull the shaft from the end block to get at the o-ring in the shaft hole.

There is no substitute that I have ever found.

I had 2 shafts made at a machinist shop for $60. The photo shows the 2 shafts. Use new drill rod if you decide to make them. I used old rod and they were scratched.


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I did not harden the shafts. Used what was available so not sure what type of drill rod it is.
One came apart when the shaft unscrewed from the piston. Used blue Loctite and no problem since.
Use caution with the leather seal on the piston, they are not available anywhere.
In looking at the cylinder, how is it unscrewed? It's flush with the body. Please explain, as I've never had one apart. Thanks!
See photo:
Work the shaft in and out to remove the oil out the fittings.
Put the cylinder in a vice, unscrew the fitting shown.
Grab the shaft clevis and pull the whole assembly out. You may have to jerk it to get it to break the end block o-ring loose.


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You may need to use heat to break the Loctite on the piston threads. Use care with the leather seal, they are not available that I can find.
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