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hustler zero turn 928275 will not start

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hustler 928275 starter solenoid engages intermittently i have checked neutral switches seem to be ok, changed clutch switch, could the starter relay be the problem i really need a wiring diagram to trace, thanks for any help
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You might
-look online in the parts diagrams for your model zero turn and/or the operators manual for the wiring diagram
-disconnect, clean, examine the connector and wire end for corrosion and replace if necessary, then reconnect all the main cables between the battery, frame, engine, starter and starter solenoid.

If those don't help, I would suggest doing some electrical testing. The starter itself is relatively unlikely to fail, other than being run for too long at a time and overheating/melting internally, it's more likely a switch, wire, or connection problem somewhere.
When you turn the key do you get a "click" every time but only starts on occasion? This may be what you need if cleaning the connections do not help:

I just helped a guy with a Hustler get one installed on his machine and problem solved. Let me know if you need any more info. @MARK (LI) is also very familiar with this process as well. Many success stories here on MTF.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts