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Husqvarna YTH24V48 review

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Just had delivered a Husquvarna rider. I saved up and was able to pay cash. The chap that I had doing it for the last year and a half mowed 2 days ago with very dull blades so the yard needed a bit of cleaning up. Which I did. I feel kind of bad not needing him but I figured 30 bucks a throw 3-4x month, in a couple of years I would have spent enough for a mower. This retailed for $1995 plus PA sales tax. Free delivery

The model is the YTH24V48 I purchased at a local dealer. 48 inch cutting deck (bigger than what I wanted but more on that later), a monstrous 24HP B&S OHV powerplant (waaaaay more than what I need, more on that later too)and this was the very last model with the Tuff Torq K57 transaxle. Going forward, all these models will feature a General Transmission (made in Mexico or China) CVT whose housing is.............get ready..............plastic!

Of primary consideration as one would expect, is cutting ability. 2nd is durability. I was never a fan of so called sealed for life bearings and thus this was the only unit in my price range that has greaseable spindles. The spindle design has a sealed bearing and all 3 deck spindles have zerks. As does the front axle and wheels.

Since I will not be mulching or bagging, of exceptional importance was grass dispersal ability. My yard was dry and had left over clumps from the prior mowing. Not anymore. The mower did just fine once I bungee corded the deflector up out of the way. In fact I needed to bathe because so much grass was being thrown around. However when the grass is even slightly damp, even from morning dew, this thing bogs down like you would not believe. Quite disappointing given the monstrous engine.

It rides ok, has an adjustable seat, turns nicely too, in fact I found it to be very maneuverable considering its heft.

The B&S engine is ok I suppose. I'm not sure I understand the horsepower war companies seem to be having these days. This unit has NO PTO except for the blades so I have no friggin clue why Husky went with such a monstrous engine. I mean for years I mowed rural property in Indiana with a 13HP Ariens that spun 2 heavy blades and not once did I feel underpowered running it. Go figure.

It has a so called fast hyrdostat trans, not sure what the **** that really means but I'm not about speed, cutting ability is the key here. It will move out but with my rough yard, I don't need to bounce around whilst mowing.

the ROS was much better thought out than JD and that was the deal breaker for me. On this unit you can turn the key one position back from run and voila! you can now mow in reverse to your hearts content. On the JD models, you hold in a chintzy plastic button to mow in reverse. Bad idea JD, bad idea.

That's about it really. I can get to the plugs, fuel filter, oil filter starter relay, etc by removing 2 plastic fences on either side of the engine. Takes a basic 12v battery that you can buy anywhere. Motor takes 2 quarts of 30W dino oil. Has an hour meter with a nifty 50 hour reminder of service. Motor has an automatic choke and as expected a non serviceable carb.

Tuff Torq K57 units are ok IF you just mow and nothing else. Dad's Snapper is 6 years on with no issues and all he does is mow. Personally, I'd be happier with an old fashioned 4-5 speed gear tranny but hey, this is 2016 and we're all about convenience.

The dealer services and stocks parts for all their stuff. Nice chap, he was brutally honest to the questions I asked. I looked for about 2 months before deciding on this unit. After a mere 20 minutes of mowing, I'm pretty satisfied with the mowing performance. No it is not the beloved Ariens we had in Indiana, but then again, nothing really is these days. I do know that this is miles ahead of the MTD junk sold at BIG BOX stores. Is is as good as a JD or Kubota? Who knows, but it does suit my needs.

Front axle is cast iron again way overkill for what this mower will be used for.
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For power, it really depends on mower design and weight. I've got a Snapper Pro 52" hydro walk-behind with an 18hp Kohler and a Gravely ZT XL 42" zero turn with 22hp Kawasaki (now a 25hp B&S). The Snapper feels significantly more powerful, blades don't bog down in taller grass, cuts evenly across the whole path (Gravely will leave uncut strips if you travel too fast).
I cut off half the deflector and that has made an improvement in the dispersal of the clippings.
Big mistake them going to the General plastic trans.
The k46 so many had was barely adequate.
I'm OK with them having an entry level 42 with a k46 but at least have some better models with actual heavier duty parts not just a bigger engine and deck and advertisments.
They are already poor durability and longevity (the whole machines) compared to years past and they think they are going to get by cheapening them more??
Only people over 40 or so will ever know what it's like to own quality durable equipment. The American public is trained now that everything is disposable and should be upgraded every two years anyways.
Young people starting out that buy their first riding lawn mower on there Lowe's or Home Depot card will not think twice about needing to go buy another one in six to eight years.
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I think the K57 will do fine for what I need. All I have to do is mow, not pull, tow, or haul. Given that, it should last to some time past the warranty period.........I hope.
Worse machine I ever bought in my life: can’t raise the deck so u have to cut short, just changing the oil is impossible without making a mess. Often times doesn’t even go up a simple septic tank hill.
It has been to the mechanics 6 times the first year. I found out that this crap has a clutch... I never knew some like that existed in my old John Deer, which has never been to the mechanics in 15 years like this upsetting piece of crap.
By the way, customer service sucks big time.
The first month I owned I wanted to set it on fire. Worse deal I ever made in my life: 2 K down the drain just to ruin my grass.
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