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Husqvarna Triple Bagger hitch modification

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I've been trying to come up with a way to pull an attachment behind our TS354XD garden tractor while the triple bagger is still attached. I've searched and searched the internet and could never find anything that was a bolt on solution, or anything that someone else came up with.

This is not a bolt on part, but if you have a welder or, know someone with a welder; this seems to be a good solution.

I picked up this spring hanger at Tractor Supply, for $10. After cutting it in half, I welded it to the bagger bracket. I'm merely an amateur welder, so forgive me.

This is the piece that I used.

It would have been nice if Husqvarna had done something like this to begin with.


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That should work fine and the welding job is a lot better than anything I could do.
Maybe a little late but this says it is made for the Husqvarnas.
With the bagger bracket attached the hitch attachment hole is not able to be used to pull anything behind the tractor. With this modification I can pull a dump cart, or lawn roller etc...

The ball hitch attachment would allow you to hook up a traditional trailer, but you would then not be able to have the bagger attached to the tractor.
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I am pretty sure the ball is removable. You already have the solution that works best for you but others may need something similar, too, especially those who can't weld.
Wiley, the Husky bagger mount HAS to go in the stock location/hole otherwise it will not fit.
I did this on mine:

Works great, I still leave the bag mount in place and the receiver has not come off since I put it on. I only put the hitch in when i need it though..
Bolted a hitch from an old tractor onto my hitch


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