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Husqvarna Rapid Release blades

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My YT46LS lawn tractor came with the rapid release blades. It's time to replace the blades, and I do not want to use these kinds of blades again. My question is can I use the current spindles, which are in good condition? I will remove the rapid release parts. Or, do I have to buy new spindles to accommodate the new blades? Will I be able to find spindles to use on this deck, or is there something special about the deck that prevents me from changing to regular single-bolt blades?

Thanks in advance.
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Do a search on the forum for Husqvarna rapid release blades, look for lawn goblins thread on it from 2015. On page 3 you may find a solution which will let you use standard 5 star blades.
I took mine off of my craftsman,you can take off that quick release,and go with a regular 5 star blade
Thanks for the responses. I was not able to find a post by Lawn Goblin, but I ended up buying new spindles, which are slightly different than those on the tractor. I probably could have used the original spindles, and just put "regular" blades back on. The difference was in the height of the blade, about one-half inch higher, from the ground. Should I ever need to replace the spindles, I'll just use the originals, and set the deck height accordingly.
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I took mine off of my craftsman,you can take off that quick release,and go with a regular 5 star blade
I'm considering removing the rapid release mechanism from my Craftsman and using the star blades you posted. I have a mulch kit and mulching blades, but I do not care for the design of the rapid release blades. They are difficult to sharpen with all of the curves and the plastic housings for the rapid release system will not stay in place. Cleaning the plastic covers and trying to get them firmly seated takes much more time than unbolting standard blades. I do have a few questions for you:

1. Have you had any issues with the 'standard' blades mounted on the stock spindles?
2. How did you shorten the spindle bolts to provide clearance? Grinding in place?
3. Did you need to purchase a separate nut and washer for each blade, or were you able to salvage these parts after removal of the rapid release hardware?

Thanks for any help or advice you can provide.
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I had no issues scince I changed over to standered 5 star blades,I ground off the bolts for the spindels

the blades I use are the second ones from the bottom

AYP Blades 17 to 18 Inch Length
Glad to hear that you have not had issues. Thank you for the quick reply!

What about the nuts and washers for the AYP blades? Did you need to get new ones, or were they already in place to hold on the rapid release hardware?
I can't remember for sure but I believe I used the same nuts and washers
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