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Hi all,

I've now got my free Craftsman YT3000 "Franken-Tractor" running, mowing and in pretty good shape overall. I mowed the back lawn with it a couple days ago and it did well. I haven't leveled the deck yet, but it didn't seem noticeable in the way it cut.

Anyways the one thing I really don't like about this tractor compared to my Cub Cadet is the hand operated hydro axle. I much prefer the foot pedal that is on my Cub Cadet.

Also in the back of my mind, I know you need a foot pedal to swap a K66 which is something I may do eventually.

I know that some of these tractors came with foot pedal operated hydros, and I'm wondering if it is possible and if so, how difficult would it be to convert it to a foot pedal setup. Can anyone shed any light on this?

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Check In the John Deere forum there are a few threads from say 9 or 10 years ago about converting a hand Hydro to a foot Hydro But You don't actually have to Have foot Pedals for The K66. It all depends On what Variant of the K66 you Buy:thThumbsU
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