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Husq/sears mower deck rebuild

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Well, I figured since I went as far as I can with both the john deere and murray for the time being that I would start the mower deck that came with the husq, Its a sears deck hence the reason I am posting it here. So far, It needs new bearings, maybe a new pulley, One new spindle, One spindle is stuck on due to a really seized bolt for the pulley. And some odds and ends. Will post pics. These came in Black right?
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Price List So far -_-

Bearings & Spindle Shafts - US $47.95 + 20.00 Shipping OR
Whole Spindle Assem including bearings & Shafts,nuts - 74.00 for 3 + 20.00 Shipping

Not sure which one I should go with?
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Yeah, i was leaning towards that one, As soon as I can afford it i'll order it. Gotta get the tractor running right first :p
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