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Husky LGT2654 Help...

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Does anyone know where I can get a Carbuetor for this riding mower? I can't find any that may use the same Carb.
It's a Nikky 795450
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Welcome to the forum!

Google brought this up, listing the same carb part number you showed, but it ships from China, so will take a while.

795450 carburetor Carb For John Deere D150 D170 LA155 LA165 Tractor | eBay

But I didn't find an awful lot. You might try looking for alternate part numbers, looking it up based on the specific engine model #.
I tried and not much luck. SAE J1940 B&S Engine 727cc 26hp
The SAE number sounds like a power test standard procedure, rather than offering info specific to your engine. Is there a nameplate with a model number like 427394, or something like that?
Ive got a new carb installed, plugs and filters but now it won't fire. It cranks fine but will not suck up fuel. Changed the pump out too. Is there a Vac leak somewhere im missing?
What do you mean by "it won't suck up fuel"? How is the fuel pump actuated, is it electric, mechanical, vacuum? Have you checked the output from the pump (disconnect the line from the carb) whole cranking the engine?

If it's vacuum actuated, I guess you could check that the crankcase breather valve is functioning properly, since that will play a role in getting vacuum in the crankcase.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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