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Huskee Supreme mower repairs

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So I was repairing a mower for an old use to be friends step dad who lives right by me. OMG working on this huskee made me wonder what people smoke when they try to repair stuff. Instead of buying a new key switch and figuring out what went wrong(also found a blown fuse) they mounted a *** push button. And to top all that off they didnt use heavy enough gauge wiring and it was melted beyond reusing. I told the old man you are lucky you didnt have a fire. It was bad! also was low on oil! it has a 19 hp kohler courage. So i added sae 30 and a touch of lucas. Im going to suggest changing the oil in the near future to him and filter. the oil didnt look to bad tho. So needless to say i fixed the initial repair which was just that the drive belt jumped off for some reason. I put it back on drove it around. also greased it for him my daughter helped me and we took the deck off and cleaned her off real good up top and underneath, added oil, repaired the wiring i used heavy gauge and mounted it up nice so the wiring wasn't dangling. Im a professional hillbilly like that. LOL. I also had to charge up his new battery because the wires being bare im betting grounded the battery out and discharged it. Moral to the story if you dont know what ur doing just stop and ask questions! I always ask i would rather do things right the first time and not burn alive on my mower. this guy was super lucky. I will post photos later! Photo for looks on what i was working on! this mower in the photo is in way better shape! LOL


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