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ht3813: wiring woes

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my honda tractor's starter went kaput. got a new one ,have it all together .have a single short black wire off the hot side of harness with loop connector. where does it go on the starter,i can't remember ....... help!!!!!
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There is another thread right now about a guy with a 3813 electrical problem..I posted the link for the manual on one of my responses to him
here it is ...hope it helps
I am the other guy mark is talking about. I have a picture of my starter in the post. If you attach a picture maybe I can pin point it off mine
In mine, I have a wire going to the starter post from the block side of the solenoid and then a wire to the outside of the solenoid from the wiring harness. The only other wire is from the ignition switch which has a spade connector and runs along the frame below the starter
Please let me know if you have another wire as I am trying to figure out a starting issue w mine that I have no history on
my problem was aground . the pictures that were posted solved my worries.....:tango_face_smile_bi
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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