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HT3813 wheel weights?

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Another local HT guy is looking for some rear wheel weights for his 3813. Any idea if other brands or universal style weights will work? Not to many HT parts available out here on the east coast of Canada. :thanku:
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I think the consensus is that a weight box or weight bracket is better than wheel weights. Plus the amount of weight you can add with a wheel weight is about 60 lbs (thirty lbs per side) since the wheel rim diameter is on the small side on the 3813's. Another downside with wheel weights is that they have to be removed if you have a slow leaker or want to air the tires. A universal weight most likely will block access to the valve stem.

You will also save on shipping costs if you buy weights for weight brackets as it is doubtful you will find wheel weights locally unless you get from Sears and modify to fit the 3813.

You can buy weights for a rear weight bracket at Home Depot. The had free shipping over the holidays. You might be able to modify the weight bracket to bolt onto the back of the 3813.

I have a weight box on the back of mine, but plan to convert it so will will hold weights instead. More weight on the tail ends brings weight off of the front end making it easier to steer.[email protected]/6596272851/in/photostream
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