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Ht23 spindle bushings/bearings

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I'm pretty sure my ht23 is an earlier model with spindle bushings. Can the later spindle bearings be installed?
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I do not think you can just use the needle bearings in your axle.

The axle was the same from the 1250 all the way through the first HT23's (P/N 1718602), and then a new axle part number shows up for the HT23-02 through -05 models.

I suspect that the difference is in the machining of the spindle bores to have a ledge for the needle bearings to sit against, whereas the earlier models all had flange bushings and that flange kept themselves from sliding into the bore.

I haven't personally examined a late HT-23 axle (P/N 1742018) to confirm this theory, but I studied the options for beefing up the spindle bushings when I added a loader to my 1886, and determined that retaining a needle bearing in that bore would require that I bored it out a bit and left a ledge as a stop for the bearings.
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Bushings are better in your axel, needle bearings working a soft steel spindle will pit it, if needle bearings were better they would be it trucks, my two cents.
Thanks for the help. I'm trying to gather parts for the rebuild this winter.
Here is a list of the McMaster part numbers for large frame spindle parts:


If you e-mail me at [email protected] I will send you to a guy that will give you great tips on redoing a large frame Bolens that are not in any books plus great place for parts, my two cents.
The front axle is different on the late HT 23's,I have rebuild kits for both axles,pm me for prices,you can also email me at [email protected],or ph me at (724)944-5513,Rick
Ricks Bolens Parts
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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