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HT23 replacement part question

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Yesterday we had about 6" of snow after a week of sub zero temperatures. I fired up my trusty HT23 with power steering and was ready to pull it out of my shed. The last time I ran my tractor was the week before the sub zero temps and I put it away wet from slushy snow. I tried to turn the wheel to the right and it didn't seem to want to turn, so I turned harder and all of a sudden I heard a loud CRACK. As it turned out my front tires had frozen to the wood floor of my shed. The frozen part of each tire was about 6" x 6" and the right hand steering arm was not strong enough to break the bond of the tires to the floor. But the power steering was strong enough to snap the end off the steering arm.
As a result I am looking for a replacement right hand steering arm for a HT23 (2389S) with power steering. The part number of the steering arm is 1752032. If anyone knows where I might be able to find one, please respond to me.
Thank you for any and all information.
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Thank you for the referral.
Doug Evans
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