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HT23 not wanting to shut off

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When I run my HT23, it heats up, but then when I want to shut it off it does not want to shut off, It makes a couple more revolutions until it does shut off. It helps a little when I let it idle for atleast a minute. What could this be? I fine tuned my carb and put my idle screw down, but it still does that. I set my idle for 1000 rpms, is that to low? Any suggestions would be great. My key ignition is original, could this cause it not to shut the 12 volts off immediately going to the coil when I shut off the key?
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How could I fix carbon build up? Also, is 1000 rpm to low? can I turn down the idle anymore to help with it? Because I could let it idle at 700 rpm so that when I shut it off it wants to shut off easier.
So today when I was running it with the moldboards, I put some fuel in it and I dumped some Marvel Mystery oil in it. I will start letting them idling down for at least 5 minutes like Bolens Boy and will keep a tradition of running Marvel Mystery oil in it. Is there any other mixtures I could add to the gas to help?
Thanks, I will try to get some today. Would it harm to do Marvel Mystery oil and Seafoam at the same time, or should I just do one at a time?
Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I will get some Seafoam and try doing that, and will continue running Marvel Mystery oil in the gas. Then next time I am at the parts store, I will get some other mixtures that ednh suggested. What could cause this carbon build up? I am young so this tractor will not go 4 days without being ran. I thought carbon buildup is when a tractor sits for a long time?
I run a drop of 2 stroke oil in my gas to help lubricate the cylinder head and prevent from my exhaust from rusting out, could this be a factor with carbon buildup? The previous owner Sid this for many, many, many years and never had a problem. Also I do a lot with the tractor, I have a Johnson loader on it and am usually pulling a large York rake or a Brinly moldboard behind me on the 3 point hitch.
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