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HT23 not wanting to shut off

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When I run my HT23, it heats up, but then when I want to shut it off it does not want to shut off, It makes a couple more revolutions until it does shut off. It helps a little when I let it idle for atleast a minute. What could this be? I fine tuned my carb and put my idle screw down, but it still does that. I set my idle for 1000 rpms, is that to low? Any suggestions would be great. My key ignition is original, could this cause it not to shut the 12 volts off immediately going to the coil when I shut off the key?
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sounds like your dieseling- are you using alcohol gas? they did not have that when your tractor was built- I never use ethanol gas in my equipment- I ALWAYS run my equipment at just above idle for at least 5 full minutes before I shut it down -lets the machine cool down -newer engines have that fuel shut off soloniod on the carb to prevent deaseling- for carbon build-up- you might want to try marvel mystry oil in the fuel-
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