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HT23 not wanting to shut off

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When I run my HT23, it heats up, but then when I want to shut it off it does not want to shut off, It makes a couple more revolutions until it does shut off. It helps a little when I let it idle for atleast a minute. What could this be? I fine tuned my carb and put my idle screw down, but it still does that. I set my idle for 1000 rpms, is that to low? Any suggestions would be great. My key ignition is original, could this cause it not to shut the 12 volts off immediately going to the coil when I shut off the key?
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Add some SeaFoam, it is supposed to help alot with carbon......cleans it up over time or you can dribble some down the throat of the carb while running at a medium speed and adding just enough to not kill will begin to throw out a lot of black smoke, while at the same time trying to die.....but just ease up and let it catch should help it.....maybe enough you won't have to yank the heads off it just yet.
Normal by product of combustion, and somewhat to do with hard work, i.e., engine doubling down on a good hill or pulling a plow, etc. Not a bad thing as all engines usually have a carbon cleaning schedule after so many hours of use. And it gives you a chance to check your bores for any scuffing. too.

Oh, btw, it could also be if you have any oil blow by going on.....any slight oil burning will produce a fair amount of carbon buildup, also....
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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