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HT20D Headache

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I was hoping to blow some snow today but never got the Diesel started. first the starter solenoid got stuck on so i had to replace that with a spare.
I figured i would plug the factory heater in and let it warm the engine up a little. come back 3o minutes later and i find the heater melted and laying on the ground. I try starting it with the thermostart system i added to it and still nothing.
Wrapped the motor in a tarp with 2 electric heaters to warm the engine up. got it to about 60 * and still wont fire. i though for sure this would do it.
8.5 hours and ive had enough. i moved the snow with the backhoe. calling it quits for the day before i lose it.
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I wish I could offer advice that would help you get her started, but you already tried all of the things I would suggest.
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