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HT20D Headache

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I was hoping to blow some snow today but never got the Diesel started. first the starter solenoid got stuck on so i had to replace that with a spare.
I figured i would plug the factory heater in and let it warm the engine up a little. come back 3o minutes later and i find the heater melted and laying on the ground. I try starting it with the thermostart system i added to it and still nothing.
Wrapped the motor in a tarp with 2 electric heaters to warm the engine up. got it to about 60 * and still wont fire. i though for sure this would do it.
8.5 hours and ive had enough. i moved the snow with the backhoe. calling it quits for the day before i lose it.
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i Used some power service to treat the diesel before the cold came. Part of it could be old diesel. The machine sat before i bought it and had not been run for some time. the guy had it running when i came to pick it up so i just changed all the filters and fluids when i got it home. I just topped off the fuel tank with fresh #2. He was running off road diesel in it which im not sure is winter friendly or not. its quite a bit warmer today so ill give it another go.
These air cooled motors dont hold heat in them very long so they probably arent the best choice for winter use.
One day i hope to have the room to keep them inside
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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