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HT-20 pulling power

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I am wondering how much people have pulled before with their HT-20's before. I'm sure the 23's and all the diesels can pull much more with the two speed rear, but I'm wondering how much I can expect to pull before I run into problems..?
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Also, will the extra stress of heavy loads hurt the bull gear? or is the damage only caused by usage/wear/tear?
Any standard shift tractor is a better puller from what I have seen at the pulling contest. I don't think I have ever seen a hydro at one of them.
I wasn't sure of pulling competitively, but I was also seeing what people have been able to pull around the house
I think an HT20 would do great pulling, my brother was thinking about doing it to an HT20. Blwoing the bullgear can either be from poor maintience or overloading the transmission. Keep it clean and do the tranny fluid soon with a filter. Your HT20 had a very easy life Cam Shaft, it only mowed
Good to know! Very nice find with the backhoe!!! I want to come up and check it out some time! The Ht-20 is coming along... hopefully I'll have it done by next week sometime.
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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