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Howdy! Please help me figure out the right tractor for me

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Hi there.

I just found this site yesterday with some googling.

I leave in Barto, PA. I've got a ~40 year old Cub Lo-Boy for mowing my hilly 3 acres.

After struggling with this under-powered tractor for a couple years, I've finally decided I need something with more horsepower. The Lo-Boy can climb hills and it can mow but it can't do both simultaneously.

So, if somebody could offer some suggestions, I'd love to hear 'em. I'm open to suggestions of new or used, probably can't afford to even consider something over $10k. I'd much rather spend about half that, if possible. I think a belly mower would be the best because there are some tight spots I've got to deal with.

Other than mowing, I might like to use it for snow removal eventually.

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I considered a riding mower sort of thing but I don't know that it could handle the terrain and last for years and years.

I also considered a tow-behind Bush Hog to drag around with the Lo-Boy. That's probably the cheapest solution. Problem is, it would be hard to get into the tight corners. It also weds me to a two piece solution. I'm also not sure if the Bush Hog is intended for that kind of thing. A friend of mine has one and she says they just use it to keep the horse trails open, not mowing an entire field every week.

Thanks, again for the help
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